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Advice About Refinancing From Mortgage Expert Paul McLaughlin

Posted by Paul Mclaughlin on Nov 17, 2018 1:43:20 PM
Paul Mclaughlin

Canadians Stressing Out Over Finances

The percentage of Canadians stressing out over their finances is over the top, according to a new survey from Capital One Canada and Credit and Canada Debt Solutions.

Of the individuals surveyed a whooping 30% of those cited financial stress as a larger worry than their overall health,with 44% saying it's impacting their mental health.

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"These results demonstrate that most Canadians worry about their finances every day for about an hour, which is the equivalent to the amount of time we spend eating." said Laurie Campbell, Credit Canada CEO

So with the Bank of Canada increasing rates and we as Canadians carrying too much debt, especially on high interest credit cards and wonder we are worrying! We see more and more inquiries on refinance to get rid of the high interest sources whereby consolidation under the low interest mortgage saving thousand in interest payment and freeing up monthly cashflow allowing them to breath again. 

Refinance and save interest   


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